Recount of votes in the Homa Bay governorship election continued Wednesday with scrutiny of poll materials revealing discrepancies.

The recount was ordered by the High Court in an election petition filed by former Kasipul MP Oyugi Magwanga against Governor Cyprian Awiti.

One ballot box had a crack while another had no form 37A.

The cracked ballot box was for Pundo Kalanya polling station while a ballot box for St Patrick’s Makongeni lacked form 37A.


According to the commission’s lawyer Fredrick Orego, the ballot boxes could have been affected during their transportation and storage.

“The missing form 37A or a crack on a ballot box could have been resulted from their transportation and storage,” said lawyer Orego.

Lawyers in the case agreed that the integrity of the voting materials in the cracked ballot box could be compromised given the nature of the hole.

The recount done for Ndhiwa Constituency revealed inconsistencies in figures.

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