“The hyenas have been killing our goats and sheep and injuring our donkeys and cows. Our cats, dogs, chicken, ducks and even eggs are also being targeted by these notorious hyenas. They are too many and just hang around our villages day and night while looking for our livestock. We call on the KWS to urgently intervene and contain the scavengers or else human beings, particularly babies will also become a target of these animals. Our livestock are being finished,” said Mr Iha.

Mr Andan Godana, a herder from Moa said more than five of his goats have been preyed on by the hyenas within one week.

Mr Godana threatened to mobilise other herders to hunt down and kill the hyenas if KWS will not hear their plea and do something.


He also asked the KWS to compensate them for all the livestock killed by the hyenas.

“Our animals are being finished. We have been complaining of these hyenas invading our villages since November last year. The KWS officers keep on promising that they will visit our villages and chase them away but nothing has been done so far. We are telling them to come and contain these hyenas or we will hunt them down and kill them,” said Mr Godana.

Contacted, Lamu County KWS Senior Warden Mathias Mwavita said the only recent cases so far reported to his office about the hyena problem are in Matondoni and Mokowe villages.

But he said he could dismiss the complaints by Witu residents since most of the villages in the area are bushy and border forests.

He promised to deploy a team of officers to assess the situation in the affected villages and even hunt down the hyenas which are said to be feasting on livestock.

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