"Be warned Marenje bridge has partly been swept away by the ragging floods as a result of the heavy rains and traffic flow has been temporary stopped to pave for the engineers to deal with the situation," he said.

The administrator also warned the situation may even be worse at Ramisi bridge if the rain does not stop soon.

He said the bridge is almost about to be submerged as the rains continue to pound.

"There is only a small portion remaining before the bridge is fully submerged. We are warning all road users to exercise caution at the area," he said.


Traders at Kombani have lamented poor drainage system, urging the county government to unclog the drainages in order to prevent flooding during rainy seasons and allow them get back to business. 

Mr Hamisi Awale says his business has been affected as the path leading to his kiosk is flooded.

"We are asking the government to unclog the drainage for us to conduct our businesses without interruptions," he appealed.

Kwale County Commissioner Karuku Ngumo said there had been no casualties reported as a result of the heavy flooding.

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