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  • KBL plans to open a new Keg plant in Kisumu next year and locals have demanded that the company hires 70 per cent of its workers from the county.

Hundreds of Kisumu residents staged a protest outside the Kenya Breweries Limited offices in Kisumu on Thursday, demanding that 70 per cent jobs in the company should be given to locals.

They said KBL has been giving opportunities to non-residents from other counties.


They sat outside the gates of the plant for the better part of the morning in protest.

KBL, part of the East African Breweries Ltd, plans to open a Keg brewing plant in Kisumu next year. The factory is currently being built.

The Sh15 billion plant has given hope to jobless locals on the prospects of securing employment.

But the company said it would announce plans on how it will recruit staff.

Earlier, the firm said the new plant would provide up to 110,000 new jobs.

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