Mr Wanga was the acting CEO of LREC which brings together 14 counties from Nyanza, Western and parts of the Rift Valley.

The CEO seems to have bowed to pressure from people who were not comfortable with him holding the position following the recent turn of events.

"LREB is a glass house. I am inside while stones are being thrown at me destroying the glass. I need to leave the glass house to protect it from the stones," Mr Wanga told the Nation.

He said he does not regret the time he spent at the bloc, saying there have been a number of achievements during his tenure.

He was part of the team that set up the bloc's fully-fledged office and secretariat.

"I don't regret my time at the bloc. I have enjoyed and learnt a lot and thank the 14 counties for giving me the opportunity," said Mr Wanga.

He said he will be taking a one-month leave to the United States.

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