“That’s why apart from the 1,000 heads of cattle to be slaughtered, we are also looking for markets for those interested to sell their animals to other counties where the effects of the drought are less felt. We want to ensure that at least 200 animals are sold.”

Additionally, addressing journalists in his office, Mr Kanyiri said a special committee has been formed and is already going round the affected areas to acquaint the farmers about the new programme.

The targeted villages ore Moa, Lumshi, Pangani, Witu, Dide Waride, Pandanguo, Hongwe, Bahari, Bar’goni, Ndeu, and Pate.

According to recent statistics from NDMA, over 70,000 residents are facing starvation and over 200,000 heads of cattle lack pasture.

Drought and famine have affected 23 counties and the government is distributing relief food to the victims and more funds have been secured to assuage the situation.

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