In Summary
  • Some donkeys have also been maimed, rendering them useless.
  • They accused KWS of laxity in dealing with the situation, resulting to incessant attacks on their donkeys.
  • The hyenas are believed to have fled their habitats deep in the Boni-Dodori reserve.

Donkey owners in Lamu whose animals were killed or injured by hyenas want the government, through the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife, to compensate them.

The donkey owners, mostly from Matondoni, Kipungani, Tchundwa, Mokowe and Lamu Island, which are the worst affected areas, said many of them have been rendered jobless after their donkeys were killed by the scavengers.

Some donkeys have also been maimed, rendering them useless.


Speaking in Lamu, the donkey owners said it is the high time they are compensated since many are poor and cannot afford to buy other donkeys.

Their spokesman, Maarufu Kidege, said they have tried to submit their complaints to the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to see whether they can be compensated but so far there have been no intervention.

“Most of our villages have been infested by the scavengers. Tens of our donkeys have died while others have been maimed for life. We urge the government, through the concerned ministry, to consider compensating us,” said Mr Kidege.


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