“The team will compile a detailed report that will be submitted to us before we immediately intervene and offer aid to the affected. As county government, we are prepared to face and mitigate any challenges or effects brought about by the heavy downpour,” said Mr Bunu.

Mr Bunu said as part of the mitigation measures, the county was also in the process to form special County Steering Committee on disaster preparedness to oversee effects caused by the rains.

He however advised locals living around river banks and dams to vacate the places for their safety during this rainy season.

In Pandanguo, locals have been forced to remain indoors after Pandanguo-Witu road became flooded.

“We have experienced heavy downpour day and night since Tuesday. We call on the government to speed up the reconstruction of the Witu-Pandanguo road. It is impassable,” said Mr Sharuti Ali.

Transport along the Lamu-Garsen road has also been hampered this week following the heavy downpour.

Bus company owners and passengers plying the Lamu-Garsen road have already raised their concern over the dilapidated nature of the road, saying it has greatly contributed to more delays in reaching to their destinations.

“Since the onset of the rains, we have been forced to drive at a very minimal speed. There are multiple potholes filled with rain water along the road. We now experience a 3 hour delay to reach our destination compared to days when there is no rain,” said Mr Athman Mzee.

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