In Summary
  • The man was swept away by flood waters while he was crossing a river.
  • County officials ask people living near river banks to evacuate.
  • Weathermen say the rains pounding the Coast are to continue until next week.

A young man was swept away by a flooded river in Kwale County.

The 20-year-old from Bengo village was carried away by fast-moving waters of a river in Ramisi as he tried to cross it on his way home.

Acting County Commissioner Mwangi Hiram said this is the first incident reported since the heavy rains started.

He said efforts are underway to retrieve the body but warned villagers to take caution as most rivers are flooded.

“We are asking residents in the county to be more careful, especially when they are crossing flooded streams and rivers. The waters are too strong during this rainy season,” he added.

He asked those who have settled near river banks to move to safer grounds, as the rivers might burst its banks due to continued heavy downpour.

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