"We visited the scene and found the car's window damaged but there was no sign of bullet." said Ndolo Ngao, the deputy OCPD.

Mr Ndolo also noted that several people were interrogated, including officers guarding the premises but none of them heard the gunshots.

He also raised concerns that the security personnel was not consulted or informed that the two were heading to the bank to withdraw cash which is a security requirement.

The police officer also wondered why the managers took hours to report. 


“The robbery was reported nearly two hours later yet we are a short distance from the scene of crime and company premises," he said adding that a quick report would have enabled them (police) to pursue and trap the thugs.

Unlike the past robberies where no one was arraigned in court, Mr Ndolo said this time things will be different.

In the first robbery, thugs raided the company stores stealing equipment worth millions of shillings.

In May, a second robbery took place where the criminals jumped through a window at night and spent six hours breaking the safe where the stole over Sh4 million.

And in July, the criminals used similar fashion to break into the strong room and safe from where they escaped with Sh35, 000.

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