The protests have been widespread in Nyanza region, a stronghold of opposition National Super Alliance whose presidential candidate Raila Odinga rejected the results.

In Ahero, just outside Kisumu on the Kisumu-Nairobi highway, Mr Njega said 25 kiosks were torched by angry protesters while a bus was set on fire in Kisumu west, adding to the pile of losses that businesspeople have experienced since Tuesday, the election day.

Mr Njega accused politicians of fuelling the chaos even as they sit in the safety of their homes in Nairobi.

“What would buses or kiosks belonging to poor people have anything to do with politicians? We will not allow anyone to take the law in their hands.

“They are busy making statements in Nairobi which have a ripple effect [on] the local economy here. Everybody has a stake in peace and we shall enforce the law, firmly,” he said.

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