A spot check by Nation revealed that the youth who had been invited through announcements on local radio stations and invites from political leaders for the Tuesday open forum were denied access to the hall.


Despite the commission planning for the women cohesion forum on Monday and the youth session for the whole of Tuesday to help chat a way forward for peaceful coexistence between the county's warring communities, majority of those given access into the venue were the elderly, Nyumba Kumi leaders, provincial administration officers and security officials.

"Peace initiatives should be pushed forward through these young people if the commission is really after cohesion,” said Ms Lucina Becky, the Sucsa vice-chairperson.

Another resident, Ms Cindy Maiyanai, slammed the organisers to the event for side-lining the youth and ignoring their voice.

"We play a major role in this society as youth. As we speak, we have not been given entry into the venue where peace and cohesion discussions are taking place,” she said.

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