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  • The eight children aged between 9 and 13 years failed to return from a hunting expedition in Mabiu Kivonga forest since Sunday morning.
  • Lamu East OCPD Emmanuel Okanda confirmed to have received reports of seven children that had gotten lost.

Parents in Kizingitini Island in Lamu East have mounted a search for eight children who failed to return from a hunting expedition in a nearby forest since Sunday morning.

The parents are yet to come to terms with the absence of the children aged between nine and 13 years.

Speaking to the Nation on Monday, Kizingitini headman Kassim Shee said the children left home at around 9am on Sunday and headed towards Mabiu Kivonga which is a mangrove forest to hunt for monkeys and weaver birds.

“They left the village at around 9am on Sunday armed with catapults and other gadgets. They went deep into the Mabiu Kivonga Forest with aim of hunting down and killing monkeys and weaver birds as is their norm. We’re shocked that up to now they haven’t come back home. This is the first time. We’re used to the children coming back shortly after the hunting,” said Mr Shee.


Mr Omar Najah, one of the agonised parents, appealed to the government to assist them trace their children.

Mr Najah expressed worry about the state of their children as their efforts to search for them since Sunday afternoon have proved futile.

“The whereabouts of my son and those he accompanied are unknown. I last saw my child within the compound yesterday at around 8am. He didn’t tell me that he would be leaving for a hunting venture. I became worried when it got to 6pm without seeing him back. We immediately mounted a search but up to now we haven’t spotted them anywhere. We’re proceeding with the search today and we’re hoping that we will find our lost children,” said Mr Najah.

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