Another freed fisherman, Mr Opiyo Otiwa, requested the national government to provide security to Kenyan fishermen in Lake Victoria.

“Our people need security. We pay taxes to the government and we don’t know why we are suffering. These people need compensation. Their boats were exposed to direct sunlight for three months and they cannot use them anymore because they are leaking," said Mr Otiwa.


Mihuru Bay ward representative Hevron Mahira accused the government of failing to protect its citizens from external aggression.

“Kenyan fishermen are facing harassment from our neighbours Tanzania and Uganda but the government is just silent over the matter,” said Mr Maira.

The ward rep said Tanzanian and Ugandan security officials have been extorting Kenyan fishermen. Mr Mahira said the security officer arrest Kenyan fishermen to force them to part with their hard-earned money to their secure freedom.

"The fishers keep spending a lot of money to get released whenever they are arrested. This has become a big business for the Ugandan and Tanzanian security officials," Mr Maira said.

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