In Summary
  • The girl gave birth and decided to throw away the baby because she wanted to go back to school.
  • But her mother saw her bleeding and took her to hospital where it was confirmed that she had given birth.
  • The baby was discovered floating on waste in the eight-foot latrine.
  • Ganze OCPD Patrick Ngeiywa said the girl will be charged at a Kilifi court on Monday with attempted murder.

A 17-year-old-girl from Ganze, Kilifi County, has been arrested for dumping her baby in a pit latrine shortly after giving birth.

Police officers from Ganze have arrested the girl in Makini village, Dzikunze sub-location, alongside the man who impregnated her.

The class six pupil gave birth on August 30 at around 6pm.

Her baby was rescued on September 1 by police officers and members of the public and taken to Kilifi County Referral Hospital. The child is stable.


Dzikunze Senior Assistant Chief Simon Ruwa said that for the three days, people who wanted to relieve themselves could not use the latrine because of sounds of a baby crying each time it heard footsteps.

He said that when he checked, he saw a baby floating on waste in the eight-foot latrine, with the right hand on the stomach.

“I stamped my foot and the baby started crying so I called police officers who rescued the infant. The umbilical cord had not been cut,” Mr Ruwa said.


Mr Ruwa said the girl had informed the man of the pregnancy.

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