Thieves raided Gituto factory in Kirinyaga County and stole coffee worth Sh400,000 on Sunday. The criminals struck at 3am and looted 1,000 kilograms of clean coffee after attacking two night guards.

According to one of the factory officials, Mr Jamleck Kariuki, the gangsters stormed into the factory and beat up the guards on duty and tied them with ropes.

They then broke into the stores and loaded bags of coffee into a lorry and sped off. The theft believed to be an inside job left the farmers badly shaken.


However, the guards managed to free themselves and reported the theft to the factory management.

"The guards came to us this morning and narrated what had happened at the factory and immediately the matter was reported to the police," said Mr Kariuki.

He said that he and his colleagues learnt of the daring night raid with great shock and told the police to get into the bottom of the matter.

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