"Even if there were no development projects in the region the President and his deputy are not to be blamed as Parliament is the one tasked with budgetary allocations.

"It's unfortunate that leaders issue statements when they are drunk without knowing what such utterances could do to the nation," said the MP.

He added that if there are people to be blamed, it is Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria and his Kikuyu counterpart Kimani Ichung'wah, who are member and chairman of the Parliamentary Budget Committee respectively.

Governor Wa Iria urged politicians to tone down their “toxic political statements” and give the President and his deputy time to deliver on their promises to the electorate.


He said that given that the two were overwhelmingly re-elected, it was a clear manifestation that they had worked well in their first term.

"The presidency must be respected because it's the symbol of national unity. The duo worked hard in their first term and it is wise to give them time to deliver and stop the political undertones," he said.

Mr Wa Iria took a swipe at the politicians whom he said misinterpreted the “washenzi” comment by the President to mean he was insulting Mt Kenya residents.

"Leaders world over use such statements but people who want to propagate hatred in Mt Kenya against the President [misinterpreted] his statement to [mean] that he insulted us. It is wrong and it is the high time we knew that such propagandas could burn the nation,” Mr Wa Iria said.

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