A Wajir court has allowed the police to detain a man suspected to have hurled a teargas canister at a crowd during the Inua Mama rally for five more days.

Mr Ali Yasin Mohamed was arrested last Friday for disrupting the rally that was attended by over 30 women legislators.  

Several people sustained minor injuries as they scampered for safety after the teargas canister went off near the dais at Qorahey grounds.

Three other suspects, who are said to have flown into the county from Nairobi with the suspect, escaped.

Police had sought to have the suspect detained for 20 days to enable them complete investigations. They said that they needed more time to analyse the sim cards that were found in the suspect's possession. They said considering that his accomplices were still at large, chances of interfering with investigations are high. 

The police said they needed more time to establish the source of teargas canister. Wajir Senior Resident Magistrate Amos Makoros said five days are sufficient for the police to get the information they need. The case will be mentioned on December 9.