In Summary
  • In Nyeri, MCAs resumed with a commitment to work together after months of frosty relations.
  • In Nakuru, the assembly is on the spot over laxity in passing legislation and delivering its oversight roles.

County assemblies resumed sittings on Wednesday with a full in tray.

The members of county assemblies resumed work after a long Christmas break.

In Isiolo, the assembly seeks to prioritize and approve six bills pending before the House.

The announcement was made during the opening of the second session by Speaker Hussein Halakhe Roba who asked the MCAs to get ready for more House transactions.

In Nyeri, MCAs resumed with a commitment to work together after months of frosty relations between male MCAs and their nominated female colleagues.

The women managed to retain their positions in the Business Committee, an indication that the elected MCAs had resolved their differences with them.

Speaker John Kaguchia discouraged locals from online protests, urging them to forward petitions to him.

During the reopening, Members of Mandera County Assembly pledged to keep peace and end the infighting that rocked the House.

Speaker Mohamed Adan Khalif, speaking during the official opening of the second session, said: “We did not do much in the first session but we have our role and responsibilities properly spelt out in this session for the good of Mandera people.”

In November, the MCAs engaged in fist fights over a list of executive nominees, which was rejected.

According to the Speaker, assembly members had agreed to bury the hatchet in order to further develop the region.

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