Ms Nduku said she walked from her home to Karaba market at around 7am, where she boarded a vehicle to join the other women in Embu Town.

The women drawn from Kiambere, Mavuria, Mbeti North, Makima and Mwea wards said they were tired of always having to walk to either rivers Tana, Thiba or the crocodile infested Seven Forks dams in search of water.

Ms Bridgit Muthoni from Makima Ward said they spent most of their working time fetching water for domestic use, yet it is the government’s responsibility to supply them with water.

“River Tana, which is one of the largest rivers in the country, passes through our sub-county yet we don’t have water for drinking. We want to know what happens when the county budgets for water yet we don’t get it.

“We spend close to 10 hours walking to water points which are too few and dangerous. We also have to fight off crocodiles and hippos to get that commodity. Some of us are weak and aged,” she said.

Ms Margaret Wanja, 59, from Kiambere Ward said she had to walk for about 5km each day to fetch water from Kiambere Dam.

She added that she wakes up at 5am to avoid the scorching sun.

“Sometimes, drinking or bathing is a challenge because the jerrycan (of water) we spent the entire day trying to get, we have to ration,” she said.

County Water chief officer Richard Mbogo and Governor Martin Wambora’s personal assistant Albert Kigoro said the women’s concerns would be addressed.

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