In Summary
  • The Standard Four pupils who testified in court recounted a pattern of abuse where the teacher lured them the innocent girls into his office.
  • The pupils informed their class teacher who summoned their parents.
  • The incident was reported to the Subuiga Police Station where a female officer aided the girls in recording statements.

Five pupils on Thursday stunned a Meru court when they narrated how a teacher sexually abused them in his office.

The Standard Four pupils at Mugae Primary School, all aged 10, told Meru Chief Magistrate Lucy Ambasi how their English teacher Julius Mwiti, 45, frequently assaulted them before they reported the matter to their parents.

The first girl to give evidence said: “The teacher used to undress me whenever I presented my homework in his office. In March this year, when I presented my homework, the teacher instructed me to sit and wait for him as he marked my book.

“While I was in the office, he undressed me and put his hand in my private parts as he marked the homework with the other hand. He instructed me to remain calm.”

She added that after the ordeal, she felt a lot of pain and reported the matter to her class teacher, who told her to inform her parents.

She told the court that her parents took her to Meru Teaching and Referral Hospital for treatment.

The P3 form tabled in court by the prosecution indicated that she had been assaulted.

Another girl said the teacher had a tendency to call her to his office especially during break time where he undressed and assaulted her.


“What l can remember is that Mr Mwiti has assaulted me more than four times, the last being when he called me as I was going to the toilet.

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