A son of a British aristocrat had been banned from a restaurant in Diani following allegations that he was carrying drugs to the establishment, an inquest into his death heard.

Mr George Barbour, proprietor of Ali Barbour restaurant said he banned Mr Alexander John Ruman Monson, after he was made aware that he was “bringing drugs into my restaurant.”

Testifying during the inquest, Mr Barbour said he banned the deceased from his restaurant verbally before a letter was written to him.

“My manager was the author of the letter, he was acting on my instructions, I did not have the occasion to see or read the letter,” he said upon cross examination by lawyer A B Olaba.

The witness told court that he had raised the issue with Alexander’s mother before he banned him from his restaurant.

Mr Barbour said he did not involve the police because he thought they could sort the issue with Alexander because he was looking at his welfare.

He, however, told senior assistant DPP Alexander Muteti that he never saw the deceased taking drugs.

The hearing continues.