In Summary
  • Religious leaders urged to counter extremism by reaching out to the young.
  • Radical preachers Rogo and Makaburi died in a hail of bullets a few years ago.

A modern mosque has been opened in Majengo, Mombasa County with the sole purpose of deradicalising youths who have fallen prey to extremist teachings.
While unveiling the mosque on Tuesday, East Africa Sufi Council chairman Abdulkadir Al-Ahdal urged Muslim faithful and preachers to use mosques and madrasa to counter extremist narratives.

“We must reach out to young people and stop them from falling into the trap of radicalisation and violence. We will teach them about peace, unity and coexistence,” Sheikh Al-Ahdal said.
He urged Muslim religious leaders and scholars to promote the true teachings of Islam.
Fiery Muslim preachers Aboud Rogo and Abubakar Shariff ‘Makaburi’ were accused of promoting extremist views and recruiting youth into terrorist organisations.

They preached at Musa, Sakina and other mosques where they had a large following.
In August 2012, unknown gunmen killed Rogo, who used to preach at Masjid Musa. State officials had accused of him recruiting and raising funds for al-Shabaab.
In April 2014, “Makaburi” was shot dead by unknown gunmen.
“Clerics should counter terrorism using mosques. Muslim scholars should stand up against those sowing seeds of discord and disunity. Places of worship should promote peace, unity and coexistence among people of different faiths,” Sheikh Al-Ahdal said.