In Summary
  • On January 22, a gazette notice banned all boda bodas from the Nairobi CBD.
  • The only boda bodas allowed are those providing courier services.
  • Despite the ban, boda bodas are still in the CBD.

Has the boda boda ban in the CBD taken effect? Yes it has, according to the county government.

But on Friday operators were still plying their trade in the central business district.


Speaking to the Nation on Friday, director of operations at Nairobi City Inspectorate Department Peter Mbaya confirmed that the operation is still underway and that boda boda motorcycles are being impounded as per the gazette notice issued on January 22.

“Boda boda operators are dodgy. It is very difficult to get them all, that’s why some are still on the roads. But our operation is still going on and we hope soon they will be off the roads,” Mr Mbaya said.

However, a spot check by the Nation revealed that it is business as usual for the boda boda operators.


At the junction of Tom Mboya Street and Latema Road, along Moi Avenue next to the Bazaar and at the junction of Koinange and Moktar Daddah streets, boda boda operators, mostly in bright green reflector vests, congregated, waiting for people to ferry.

On most roads in the city centre, motorcycles ferrying passengers, some not even wearing helmets wove through traffic.

They were not visibly scared, but when City County vehicles passed by, they took cover, only to emerge from hiding once the coast was clear.

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