“He told me he did not care as he was an MCA and asked me for Sh5.7 million, saying my gate would be demolished [if I did not oblige]. The following day he also threatened the hotel's general manager,” he said.


Mr Chatur pointed out that he is just a witness in the case and that Mr Sumra (former Embakasi South member of parliament) is the complainant.

He noted that Mr Sumra, a former member of the Orange Democratic Movement, has been following up on the case as the group's legal adviser and consultant.

The businessman said it was Mr Sumra who advised him to record remarks by the ward representative if he asked for money. He said he had three recordings.

Mr Chatur said Mr Sumra was the one who reported the matter to police as he handles Concord's business issues.

"I wrote a witness statement but I have not bothered to follow up on the case. I do not know how it proceeded from that point,” he said.


The former legislator echoed Mr Chatur’s assertions saying he has been handling the case as he is busy with his business.

Mr Sumra added that the matter is now in the hands of the anti-graft agency.

“His (Mr Chatur's) role ended when he handed the case over to me as I am the legal adviser of the group. I am the one who set him up after asking him three times to stop pestering the investors for money,” he said.

He alleged, however, that Mr Malde said the Sh5.7 million was meant for the 19 members of the assembly Legal Affairs committee.

“Malde was using Priti to get the money and said it was the committee which wanted it,” he claimed.

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