In Summary
  • The county government will also be required to give a stipend, inclusive of NHIF cover.
  • Mr Mbono said the Bill also wants City Hall to establish community health units within the county.
  • The first reading of the Bill was on July 18.

Community health volunteers in Nairobi will get medical cover as well as undergo training and certification if a Bill being tabled at the Nairobi County Assembly is becomes law.

The Nairobi City County Health Services Bill, the brainchild of Zimmerman MCA Pius Mbono, seeks to streamline the operations of the community health volunteers in the county.

To achieve this, the Bill calls for the county government, through the Health executive, to make arrangements for the training and certification of the volunteers using an approved curriculum.


The county government will also be required to give a stipend, inclusive of National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) cover, to every community health volunteer subject to the volunteer attaining at least 80 percent performance target.

Nairobi County has a total of 6,250 community health workers who work in the more than 1,000 health centres across all the 85 wards in the capital city.

MCA Mbono said that the Bill will see to it that City Hall embraces the health volunteers by recognising them as county health workers as well as registering them so as to improve their welfare.

This is in addition to calling for the county to ensure protection of health and safety of all community health volunteers and community health services personnel in the county as well as the creation of necessary institutional and coordination framework to encourage and facilitate voluntary provision of community healthcare services.


“The national government used to train the volunteers but since health was devolved, the relationship of the volunteers with the county has deteriorated and they have been working in deplorable conditions with not even protective gear.

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