A Nairobi resident is in police custody for losing his gun.

Police arrested him on Tuesday when he went to report that his Ceska pistol loaded with 10 rounds of ammunition was missing.

According to police a report, the man came home at around 2am and went to bed. He then realised that he had forgotten his gun in his vehicle, a Range Rover, and went to get it only to find it missing.

He told police that the gun was in a bag inside the vehicle and that the bag too was missing.

He said he had put the pistol, his firearm certificate and his passport in the bag. Police are investigating how the firearm was lost.

In Kayole, police shot dead a suspected gangster on Tuesday night near Mwenje Primary School.

Officers had received complaints from the public that two armed people were robbing pedestrians.

The suspects, on seeing the police, started shooting. Police gunned down one of them while his accomplice escaped.

A home-made pistol with five rounds of ammunition was found.