In Summary
  • City Hall has banned matatus from Nairobi's CBD
  • The ban takes effect from December 3
  • The move is expected to reduce congestion in the city centre.
  • Studies show Nairobi is among the most-congested cities in the world and number one in Africa.

News of City Hall’s planned banishing of matatus from Nairobi’s Central Business District from December 3 was met with mixed reactions, with Kenyans taking to Twitter to express support or voice their dissent.

Ibn Kidunduhu Babu @KidunduhuA said that the CBD ban on matatus will not solve Nairobi's traffic problems. He added that all big cities around the world have a light tram system and a policy of banning private cars from the CBDs.


According to Jacqueline M Klopp‏ @jmklopp1 the ban makes no sense. “Time for more thought out approaches to addressing congestion. Most cities are trying to ban cars not public transport,” she tweeted.

Richard R. Kisang'‏ @RIchardKisang termed Sonko’s new law as a bad policy. “This is a bad policy and strategy to decongest CBD. I will not be surprised if this is challenged in court.”

But Mathenge Wahome @mathenge_wahome hailed the move by Governor Mike Sonko as timely. “The streets of Nairobi CBD were not meant to be used as Matatu terminus. It is not all about congestion we all need order,” he tweeted.

He shared a photo of Shenzhen in China, which is less polluted and more organized, something that Nairobi could emulate, he said.

Adan Mohammed Adan‏ @adanmohammed95 also supported the ban. “Here is the simple math for those who don't understand the CBD congestion. When you remove all these big matatus out of Nairobi CBD you create parking space for small private vehicles which generate revenue for the county. @MikeSonko this was smart very smart.”


The PSV directive also comes just a day after Governor Mike Sonko promised that his administration would reduce parking fees for private motorists from the current Sh300 down to Sh200 starting tomorrow.

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