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  • Traders who operate businesses near bus termini expected to make less since they rely on passengers for most of their sales.
  • Travellers with luggage burdened with having to either pay extra or lumbering across town to connect to new matatu termini.

Irate Nairobians lashed out at Governor Mike Sonko blaming him for the commuting delays experienced on Monday morning as the matatu ban in the Central Business District (CBD) took effect.

Residents camped on his Twitter page questioning why the plan had to be implemented with no buses in operation to move commuters from the termini to the CBD, Community and Upper Hill as earlier announced.

Commuters had to walk from Ngara and Muthurwa termini to the CBD.

As the governor shared an update on his Senate appearance on Monday morning, all comments on his post were on the matatu ban effect on commuters.

Mr Jared Maticha angrily responded:, “You are messing [up] our city.”

Another person, Mr Geoffrey Mbugua accused Mr Sonko of being out of touch with "the problems facing Nairobians today.”

Ms Irene Kamso told Mr Sonko that his decision has a negative impact on residents who either had to choose between walking to connect to other buses or pay extra.

“Are u really fair to Wanjiku? Walking from Muthurwa to bus station and buses charging Sh50 to Community,” said Ms Kamso.
Some got personal, calling Kenyans who vote for rich politicians who drive luxury cars complete with police escorts to their offices yet it is the electorate who have to walk long distances to get to their work places.

“Kenyans elected a leader who will get to his City Hall office using a V8 and several escort cars. The same Kenyan will walk from Muthurwa to Fig Tree [stage] in Ngara everyday to get to his office in Westlands and walk back in the evening to his home in Eastlands,” said Kezz Gichuhi on Twitter.


Travellers arriving to the capital early Monday morning from upcountry were also among those hard hit by City Hall decision to ban picking and dropping off of passengers in the CBD.

Besides these groups, traders at matatu termini are expected to make less earnings from their businesses since they rely heavily on the human traffic from passengers alighting and boarding vehicles.

Those arriving from upcountry usually carry heavy sacks and cartons of foodstuff especially during the December festive season besides their normal luggage, and a number of them were seen stranded at various bus stations as they tried to figure out how to reach their destinations on the outskirts of the city.

Kenyans expressed mixed reactions on social media on the implementation of the ban by Governor Mike Sonko’s leadership.

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