In Summary
  • Mr Kimori said that residential homes in Kawangware along Kirichwa River had been discharging their sewage into the river.
  • He said the clean-up exercise which started in Kawangware has seen most people apply for sewerage connection.
  • He also warned that residential buildings which discharge their sewage into the rivers will be closed down if they fail to comply.
  • He added that household water can also be recycled and re-used instead of being wasted.

Nairobi City County’s Environment department has raised concerns over the pollution of four main rivers in the city and announced a plan to clean them up.

The four main rivers – Ngong, Nairobi, Kirichwa and Mbagathi - have been turned into channels due to the huge amount of waste thrown into them.

The waste has deprived the water in the rivers of oxygen.

Speaking to journalists at City Hall on Monday, Environment executive Peter Kimori said the county had issued notices to developers and companies polluting the rivers to find alternative waste disposal sites.

Mr Kimori said residential homes in Kawangware along the Kirichwa River lack proper sewerage and had been discharging the waste into the river.

He said this has posed a health hazard to those living in the area and downstream.

“The rivers in Nairobi ceased to be rivers long ago but are now open channels collecting water in the city,” said Mr Kimori.


He added that over eight people have been arrested by county enforcement officers and fined for polluting the rivers by discharging waste into them.

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