“I had a very good vision and had started many programmes which are halfway and I think it would be unfair to leave the people of Nakuru hanging without completing what I had vowed to accomplish,” said Mr Mbugua.

At the same time Mr Mbugua unveiled his running mate, Dr Peter Ketyenya, who lost in the Kuresoi South parliamentary Jubilee primaries.

“I have consulted my current Deputy Governor Joseph Ruto and he has expressed his wish not to [be] a running mate and I respect his wishes but we still remain as good friends,” said Mr Mbugua.

He thanked the residents of Nakuru who voted for him during the primaries saying it was clear they had trust in his leadership.


“The [big] turnout was a great sacrifice and personal commitment and for that reason I salute and honour the people of Nakuru,” said Mr Mbugua.

He said after he lost the nominations he consulted widely and listened to varied views from groups, individuals, community and religious leaders, professionals, the business community and his family members.

“All these groups have expressed their reservations on both the process and outcome of the (Jubilee) nomination and it is because of their wise advice that I have decided to vie an independent candidate,” said Mr Mbugua.

He said even as an independent candidate he will still join hands with the people of Nakuru to campaign for the re-election of President Kenyatta.

He cautioned the residents of Nakuru against being deceived by the opposition and urged them to support Jubilee.

Dr Ketyenya said he was happy that the governor picked him as a running mate and said he will help Mr Mbugua win the seat.

“I have 15 years’ experience in the public sector and with [it] I hope to help Governor Mbugua retain the seat,” said Dr Ketyenya.

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