In Summary
  • They said this will ensure everyone participates in the elections.
  • Most workers have also been given time off in order to vote.

Bars and alcohol selling joints in Nakuru will remain closed on Monday and Tuesday to allow an effective voting process.

A majority of bar operators in the town have notified their customers that the services will not be offered during the election period.

Those interviewed said they had agreed to close their businesses on the eve of the election and on election day so as to ensure everyone participates in the polling.

“I have instructed all my workers to be away and ensure they go vote [at] their various stations,” said Mr George Kihara, a bar operator in Nakuru Town.

“Unlike the previous elections, we are not taking chances and we shall only sell alcohol after the elections,” he said.

Meanwhile, transport operators continue to record booming business from the high number of people travelling to various parts of the country ahead of the elections.

Fares have more than doubled and travellers continue flocking bus stations.

Those interviewed said they were headed home to vote.

Daily Nation conducted a spot check and found terminuses for buses heading to Kisumu, Kisii, Kitale, Busia Eldoret, Bungoma, Nyeri and Meru crowded.