Another passenger, Mr Elijah Ngige, accused the police of punishing them for mistakes they had not committed.

He said the police should have dealt with the bus company and allowed them to continue with their journey.

“We boarded the bus knowing that by 7pm we would have arrived in Nakuru Town. Unfortunately we experienced a jam while leaving Nairobi, so the police should be understanding enough to give the allowance of time,” said Mr Ngige.

The passengers urged the government to extend the deadline for travel to 11pm to allow drivers time to get to the next stopover.

Night travel ban.

A vehicle detained at Mwariki Police Post in Nakuru on January 12, 2018. It was impounded on January 11, 2018 for violating the night travel ban. PHOTO | JOSEPH OPENDA | NATION MEDIA GROUP


The OCPD, however, defended the police and added that the vehicles did not have co-drivers to ferry the passengers to their destinations.

He said the drivers could have handed over to their assistants as they remain behind to answer to the charges.

“It was not the wishes of the police to detain the vehicles with the passengers, it is only that the bus company did not have proper arrangements to have them transported,” said Mr Obara.

The vehicles were released on Friday morning as the drivers were taken to court.

This was the second time vehicles were being detained at the police post.

The OCPD said seven others were impounded on Wednesday evening and the drivers were arraigned in court on Thursday.

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