In Summary
  • Other victims include Mr Joel Cheruiyot and Mr Robert Keter, who admitted that they were stabbed by the chief, but they settled the matter out of court.
  • Locals now say they want the chief interdicted and arrested for the assault.

When Richard Cheruiyot left home to join friends at a local bar in Sachang’wan last Friday, little did he know that he would join the list of people bearing stab wounds inflicted by area assistant chief.

Mr Cheruiyot makes eight the number of people who have allegedly been assaulted by Mr Reuben Ruto, the assistant chief of Soin sub-location, in just six weeks.


They have reported the matter at the Sachang’wan Police Post, taken OB numbers, taken P3 forms, but that is the far they could go.

Still, the chief walks free, intimidates them, and dares them to report the matter to wherever they want to.

Mr Cheruiyot alleges that on the day the administrator assaulted him, he had arrived at the bar and sat next to the assistant chief, who was already taking his drink.

“Just when I had taken a seat, the table shook and some beer spilt from his bottle. He got angry, took a beer bottle and tried hitting me with it, but he missed.


“He then reached out to his pocket and drew a pen knife and stabbed me twice on the hands,” Mr Cheruiyot said.

He reported the matter at the Sachang’wan Police Station under OB number 06/04/10/19.

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