Elders occasionally held prayers at the foot of the tree and offered sacrifices while facing Mount Kenya.

Mr Simon Kariuki told the Nation that God was a sending message to his people to turn away from immorality.

“For such a tree to fall it means that our Maker is not pleased with something we have done,” he said.

Residents who visited the scene immediately the tree fell said they spotted snakes emerging from the hollow sections.

“We spotted at least three snakes slithering around the tree. One was killed but the others disappeared,” said Ms Alice Wanjiku.

Elderly men however warned women against speaking about the tree or idling around the area.

Kikuyu elders will have to conduct rituals around the tree as part of tradition.

Curious residents have been trooping the scene since Sunday.

The famous tree tumbled in the homestead of Mr Maurice Gachamba famous for assembling an aircraft he named Kenya One.

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