Kisumu County IEBC Returning Officer John Cox Lorionokou who addressed them said the problem could have occurred as a result of sharing of ID numbers

"If there are two or three people with shared ID numbers, automatically your name will not be in the register," Mr Lorionokou said.


The problem of shared IDs, he said was not IEBC fault but the problem of registration bureaus.

“The truth is that already we have duly signed registers that we will use and if anybody finds their names missing, there is little we can do,” said the official.

He however referred them to their various constituency offices for further action.

This comes as fishermen in Remba Island, Homa Bay County have suspended fishing until after August 8 polls.

Remba Beach Management Unit Chairman Zedekiah Okoth said the move is to ensure all fishermen turn out to vote.

“We want to ensure all fishermen come out to exercise their voting rights tomorrow,” he said.

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