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  • The women said they were also turned away last year.

More than 30 women were angered on Tuesday when they were turned away from a Kenya Defence Forces recruitment in Msambweni Constituency, Kwale County.

Senior Recruiting Officer Lt Colonel Langat announced that only men would participate in the recruitment, as there were no slots for women in Msambweni.


Speaking at Jomo Kenyatta Primary School grounds where they were conducting the exercise, he said the recruitment was not discriminating against women. The women disagreed.

"I know many of the women are disappointed with the fact that we have no slots for them now, but maybe there will be a time when we will reduce the number of men," Col Langat said.

The women, who were among more than 200 youth who turned up for hiring, said they were also turned away last year.

"Last year they gave the same excuse. Does it mean there are no more vacancies for women in the forces?" one woman asked.

Col Langat said they are targeting to recruit 20 to 25 youth from Kwale.

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