After completion of the work, her first client paid her Sh 10,200.This was her first payment of the work she had done in barely a week.
“I was very excited and this motivated me to open a Facebook page where I started posting anything I made.”

In less than a year, 20-year-old Ms Sintamei has established a clientele who contact her through various platforms which include Facebook page and networking with friends.

Her preferred material is Jara print which she uses in all her work.

Joy Sintamei Sendeu displays some of her great products during an interview in Nakuru County September 14, 2017. PHOTO| AYUB MUIYURO

“The fabric is appealing to the eyes because it comes in numerous colours and it is of good quality.”

Small pillows go for between Sh500 and Sh700 which come in rectangular or triangular shapes while the bigger ones go for between Sh1000 and Sh1500.

She also uses the African print to cover notebooks and diaries to give it a new face.

“I realised that some of the diaries are too huge and one ends up using barely half of the space at the end of the year while the cover clearly indicates its year of use. By covering it with the material, it gives it a stylish look and extends the period for use.”

She also makes other interior décor material which include candle holders, flower vessels, picture-frames and lampshades.
“I do cover with Jara print and Denim for Sh 250 but the price is a bit higher if one requires to get a diary myself. The rest of the work I charge according to the demands of the client.”

Through the business, Ms Sintamei is now able to make enough to see go back to school independently.

She says she looks forward to pursuing a career that satisfies her passion.

“I’m looking forward to start my own company that will also help me in fulfilling dreams of people who are unable to achieve their dreams for lack of an opportunity,” she said.

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