In Summary
  • I believe in gender equality and in women becoming powerful leaders in our country.
  • My message to young girls, therefore, has always been that they could achieve whatever they wish to be in life as long as they are passionate about it and can work hard to accomplish it.

Less than one year ago, 25-year-old Joyce Anyiso, was an of Information Technology student at Mount Kenya University. Full of hope that she would become an IT expert someday, becoming a Member of County Assembly was the last thing on her mind.

Today, Joyce’s IT degree lies at home while she spends her days making legislative laws at the Nakuru County Government. Her struggles looking for a job are gone; here comes her entrance into the political scene.

She speaks to about her transition.


When I completed high school, I simply wanted to succeed in life. I wanted to work and accomplish something in life. But then again, I didn’t just want to work.

I wanted to change people’s lives. I was the head girl while in high school and so I believed I had what it takes to become a leader. After high school I joined then governor hopeful, Hon Lee Kinyanjui’s campaign team in 2013.

When he didn’t become the governor, I joined campus to pursue studies in Information Technology.


After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology in 2016, I revived my interest in politics. I had gained so much in campus after all. I had become a leader in various university groups and sharpened my leadership skills.

I contacted the then hopeful Lee Kinyanjui’s campaign team and asked if I could join them.

When I was accepted, I began to mobilise young people and women in my local area of Gilgil to campaign both for Lee and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

I committed all my energy towards the campaign process such that almost every woman and young person I met rallied behind me. I became a popular figure both among the area residents and in the Jubilee campaign team.


Since my primary goal after I joined politics was to fight for the rights of young people and women in Gilgil, getting nominated to be a Member of County Assembly representing the youth and women came as a surprise. Of course I was excited and thrilled but I never expected to make it to that list.


I really can’t call it change, but rather transition. I'm still the fun loving, friendly, talkative, movie addict I was but my roles in life are a bit different. Today, my job description is to make laws that can help young people and women in Nakuru County.

I receive calls from the people I represent every day. They all have high expectations of me. I am here to serve them anyway. Besides representing the young and women, I have a role to oversee the county’s executive.

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