For richer or richer till divorce do us part and you pay me for every year we’ve been married and I get to keep the house and any other valuables you may have.”

That seems to be the unwritten rule in Hollywood whenever the stars decide to marry. The romance may seem like a script for one of the Tinseltown’s many movies, but if you follow celebrity lifestyles, you will realise marriages end up more like business deals than union of two people in love.

Marriages in Hollywood are as fickle as they are outrageously expensive. Every once in a while, celebrities tie the knot with a lot of pomp and glamour only for the marriage to head south after a short stint.

What usually follows the break-up is news of the millions of dollars one spouse is a claiming as part of a divorce settlement. But there are the clever ones who decide to do the careful thing and sign a prenuptial agreement which essentially ensures that one partner does not have to part with half of their savings.

A prenuptial agreement or simply prenup, is a contract entered into by two people prior to marriage. The contents of a prenuptial agreement can vary widely, but they commonly include provision for the division of property should the couple divorce and any rights to spousal support during or after the dissolution of marriage.

Those who thought the prenup was a waste of time, they ended up paying millions after the marriage collapsed as reported by Forbes magazine.

But even with a clever move like that, money is still not spared as was the case with hip-hop mogul Jay-Z and his new wife Beyonce. Looking at the contents of their prenup agreement, this seems more of a business deal than a marriage. The two have settled on a prenuptial agreement that could result in a Sh1.6 billion million payday for Mrs Carter.

According to the National Enquirer, Beyonce (born Beyonce Knowles) has inked a prenup deal with  Jay-Z (born Shawn Carter) that could pay the R&B diva billions. Beyonce, 26, reported to be worth Sh6 billion, will gain more money the longer she stays married to the rap legend.

The prenup calls for Jay-Z to pay Beyonce Sh630 million if the marriage ends after two years, and Sh63 million a year for every extra year she remains in the marriage, up to 15 years. In addition to cash payments, the agreement also includes a few of the husband’s prized possessions.

According to the report, Beyonce would be granted access to their private jet and a fleet of cars, which includes a Sh63 million 1959 Rolls Royce convertible.

He has promised to pay her an additional Sh315 million for each child she bears for him — for her loss of income during pregnancy and child-rearing years.The two have been dating for six years.

But in the long run, say reports, Jay-Z, who is worth nearly Sh38 billion and signed a Sh9.5 billion deal with Live Nation, will stand to save a lot more for the prenup. It is estimated that Beyonce would have left with half of Jay-Z’s net worth which is some Sh19 billion.

Actor Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes also had a prenuptial agreement reported to be worth over Sh2 billion. The couple have crafted a contract that will give Holmes Sh189 million a year, as well as a palatial home in Montecito, California, according to Life & Style Weekly.

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