In Summary
  • I settled for a chicken shawarma which was decently priced at Sh780.
  • The meat was very tender, which is ideal for shawarmas since it is often slow grilled in a vertical spit for up to a day.
  • The winning touch for this stuffed pita dish at Café Arabika has got to be its tangy dressing.

After spending time with family and friends throughout December, I’ve been finding it hard adjusting to being alone.

On a whim, I figured that since people hang out in malls, I would head out to Two Rivers and just walk around in a sea of people.

While it is a great spot for shopping, I keep forgetting just how big and soulless this spot is – particularly in January when it is largely empty and even your breath seems to echo off the walls.

I walked around some stores browsing through racks of expensive clothes I couldn’t possibly afford and after getting bored, stumbled across Cafe Arabika.

Like millions of other people around the world, some of my goals this year are to eat healthy and be more mindful of my monthly budget, and yet here was a new cafe whose sign kept beckoning to me until I gave in to the hypnosis. Besides, after all that cardio walking around the mall, I decided that I might as well go in because that’s exactly why we have eateries in malls.


Perusing through the menu, I was drawn to the Lebanese section which had classic and generally healthy Mediterranean food items like falafel, hummus (which I had just about enough of in 2017) and tabbouleh, which is a salad whose name always reminds me of the Congolese musician Tabu Ley.

If this is your first foray into Levantine cuisine, get the mixed mezze platter for about Sh840 and try a bit of everything.

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