I settled for a chicken shawarma which was decently priced at Sh780. The meat was very tender, which is ideal for shawarmas since it is often slow grilled in a vertical spit for up to a day.

The winning touch for this stuffed pita dish at Café Arabika has got to be its tangy dressing. There was an accompanying tahini sauce that I didn’t even try because that would only mask the kick from the dressing.

I decided to save one half for later, and they packed it into a plastic tin for which I was charged Sh50, a cost I have never had to incur anywhere else in Nairobi.

Not wanting to leave just yet, I ordered a grilled beef kebab and because I am weak willed, got that with a side of french fries.

I expected it to be skewered as with a shish kebab, or sliced into thin shavings as with a doner kebab.

Heck, I half expected to even get one of those Kenyan kebabs which always soaks up way too much oil.

However what I got looked like flattened burger patties and were packed with flavour. Walking up to the counter to pay my bill, I was immediately drawn to their dessert display.

They had a two-for-one offer and the fruit cake looked so good that I got a slice at Sh450, never mind that I don’t even like cakes.

It had grapes and strawberries on it which I insist makes it healthy, although I would probably not buy that small slice at full price. Unhealthy food and impulsive spending... I don’t know about you and your New Year resolutions but I am clearly off to a great start! 

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