What was your first professional on screen?

I met a producer who was working at Jymo Ule Msee brand for his show in 2015. He advised me to go there and fight for my place in this industry because there are many young people who want it. I went and did a video clip called A Committee Meeting which went viral and my parents were not happy about it. I had just finished school and they were not amused about it, but I stood my ground and explained to them that this is what I wanted in my life. Now they are ok with what I do and are supporting me through it.

What character do you play in the show?

Since my first video went viral, I have remained as one of the main characters. The show is not scripted so normally the creative director tells us what to do in every episode and you have to be ready to change and get to your character every time. 

Have you done anything else apart from Jayme Ule Msee?

Yes I did two episodes of House Wives of Kawangware were I played a very old woman. But I want to finish school first before I can open my arms fully to the industry. So far I’m happy to be building my brand here. 

Anyone in your family in the entertainment industry?

Yes my elder sister is a model in Kenya and she has done several modelling gigs in Kenya. She was once a runner up of Miss Fabulous in Kenya.

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