Radio queen Adelle Onyango is taking her relationship with her fans to another level. The Kiss 100 radio host yesterday hosted her first exclusive mentorship and training hangouts for #TeamAdelle members dubbed “Young Money” in which she sought to educate and inform them on creation of wealth.

“I’ve invested in land but I also want to invest in myself in the coming year in terms of skill development and setting up my own business,” she told Showbuzz.

“I’ve learnt that it doesn’t matter how little you earn or have, you have to save - but also save towards a goal - not just for the sake of saving,” she said.

Onyango also reveals that she has cultivated good friendships from her fans regardless of her celebrity status..

“I’ve made some good friends from Team Adelle And we can chat about anything under the sun. I think most people in the public eye think they are above others which is wrong,” she says.