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  • Your question relates to occupational pension scheme. In most cases, this benefit is provided for in the employment contract.
  • If you feel your omission from the list of beneficiaries is on the basis of discrimination, you may take up the issue with your employer.
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Dear Eric,

Thank you for your legal advice. It is much appreciated.

I work for a company where some people are in a pension scheme while most of us are not in the pension scheme except NSSF.

Recently, I stumbled upon this statement on the Retirement Benefits Authority website:

“If you are eligible, you have a right to the membership of your employer's pension scheme.”

Does this apply for my case?

Secondly, as an employee on a permanent contract, do I have the right to sue for pension benefits when I leave the organisation?

I have been in the company for over five years now.

Thank you



Dear Wandia,

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