In Summary
  • If a price comes off as too high, ask yourself what you are you comparing it to.
  • Is it a product of a similar value? Most of the time, it isn’t.

A couple of months ago, a photo of a receipt from a city hotel went viral. Reason? They were selling their chapattis for Sh550 a piece.

Literally every week, there will be similar camera shots trending online, from this club or the other because of the pricing of drinks.

There are those Kenyans who will always complain about having to spend money anywhere. Then there are those who will speak against any establishment whose prices do not match their pockets.

These ones are a bitter lot and they are dramatic about it. ‘Why are they charging so much?’ ‘Aren’t they greedy?’ ‘They should make their prices affordable.’

‘We should all stop shopping there,’ you will hear. What few pay attention to is the fact that there is a reason products are priced like they are.

Few will pay attention to the time it takes to create that stylish kiondo or to the prices of the chemicals used to create that make-up product.


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