I’m a bit shy. I would like to be an actor one day but not do reality television shows. I’m too shy to do a reality show. I’m an introvert. In fact I’m the most introverted person I know.

At the moment I’m the brand ambassador for Denri Africa which is a Kenyan brand. I have ventured into branding and it is both business and personal. I took a long break last year to just restructure and strategise, to rethink my plans and my goals. I wanted to work on myself and come back bolder and better. I’m also targeting corporate brands either Kenyan or international. I’m also working with Marini Naturals, Pauline cosmetics, Fenamenal itself is a brand and a few others.

My goal is to be one of the most sought after female acts around the globe and that is what I’m working towards. Excellence and consistency will get me there.

My music genre is urban soul. I normally say it is a fusion of genres that I grew up listening to and also has a touch of soul. I go from rap to reggae to RnB to Afro-soul. So basically I put my signature, the ‘fenamenal’ style, in my songs.

I can do any genre of music. I do not want to settle on only one. That’s the charm, being able to morph in to different genres. As a musician, it’s a new challenge every time. Last year I started with Sema Ng’we, Kama Kawaida, Party Nation and now Doing her thing Tho. As you can see all the songs are of different genres. They are not the same and that is the way I like to do my music.

The reason I did Jiactivate which features RedFourth Chorus was to be neutral from any political party. I’m in the corner of spreading the good message as opposed to fighting politics. It is a platform for the youth to do the right thing. I was called to write the song and I really had to pick my brain because I’m not that vocal on politics but I can explain myself better through music. I was asked to name a few people who I would like to collaborate and pair with. I chose RedFourth because I knew they would bring that element of the song out. I have always admired them, and I’ve always wanted to sing with a choir.  

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