When people can’t even agree on what is opinion and what is fact because they see everything through their bias, this election is going to be arguably the most divisive ever.

The parties have a right to carry out aggressive campaigns to get those presidential votes, but they are not entitled to their own facts. President Uhuru Kenyatta should not denigrate the Supreme Court while his posse — which includes several senior lawyers — claps.

Nasa leader Raila Odinga should not diminish the members of the court’s Bench and expect that his followers will not pick up cues from him.

Statements coming from both sides have been incendiary and unnecessarily destructive, and if that continues we all have reason to be afraid.

In one rare coincidence, President Kenyatta and Mr Odinga both believe that their victory was stolen from them, but by different people.

The President has admitted repeatedly that his first comments after the ruling came down were because of anger, but what a moment it was! That was the opening bell for what will likely be a bruising battle to capture State House.

I’ve whined here before about the lack of quality political discourse in this country, but even I couldn’t have imagined how badly poisoned the environment has become. Politics is the most discussed subject on social media, but it is without nuance or context, just a regurgitation of some silly talking points from the major parties.

Loose talk, like some of the careless statements we’ve seen from some so-called leaders, could plunge this country into war again. It will upset reasonable people, worry those who love peace, and betray all the pretences of cohesion that we work so hard to keep. This is too obvious to even point out here, but in these extraordinary times it is worth sounding like a broken record: the country will be here after October 17.

We must all stand up against people who seek to divide us on the basis of tribe or political party for their own ambitions, or that of the rich man they support.
The usual suspects are well known and even when they call for violence in the name of their party leader, it is surprising that there has been no condemnation from within their ranks.

A wrong is a wrong, even when it is committed by someone who is on your side. We’re still over a month out from the fresh election and it feels like we’re just days away from it because of how supercharged the political noise is. Prepare for the most divisive election in a generation, and hope that the country survives it all.

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