In 2014, despite the fact that she had signed up quite a number of children, Hyral was still unsatisfied. She wanted to touch the lives of children in the slums.

“I didn’t want it to be just about beauty and dancing. I wanted to actually change lives,” she says of her motivation.

What if she could enroll children from the slums alongside her regular ones and educate them while nurturing their dancing and modelling talent?

She slowly started implementing this idea and it has been a success. Every day at work, Hyral and her team teach children and teens dance and modelling and during school holidays, they organise talent shows for needy children. The company sells tickets to these shows and people come and watch the children model and dance. The proceeds from these shows are channeled to the children’s education. So far, there are 20 children paying for their education through their modelling and dancing skills.

“It is fulfilling to be able to earn a living and at the same time touch lives doing something that I love. The best part has been seeing some of my alumni from these talent shows come back as volunteers to coach the younger ones,” she says.

The most interesting thing about working with children has been the fact that children never give up on their talent. Knowing this keeps her from giving up on them when the going gets tough.

 In the foreseeable future, she wants to spread her wings beyond Kisumu.

“I want Angels of Sunset to be the leading child and teen modelling agency in the country,” she says.

Hyral’s handy hints

  •   You can only be happy if you live your own dream. No matter how good another person’s dream seems, chasing after it will not be fulfilling.

  •   Most of the times, all you need to do to get where you want to go is ask.

  •   Some people fear that if they talk about their dreams, someone might steal their idea. However, it is only by talking about your ideas that you will get like-minded people to network with.

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