In Summary
  • Prostate cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer affecting men in Kenya with over 32 per cent of men contracting it.
  • Early detection, the doctor told me, saves lives. If you have been close to someone with cancer, you know it's a debilitating disease.

"Who has it worse when it comes to medical exams of an intimate nature? Men or women?" I was in the thick of an argument with my friends, and Rosie was turning out to be the hardest one to convince.

It is worse for women, she claimed. Men just whine a lot. I held that men have it rough.

But I had no way of winning this argument and I am a sore loser, so I turned to my friend Google for back up.

I looked up videos of prostate exams to show her how bad it was. I couldn't imagine taking my pants off for that kind of check up.

Foolishly, I hadn't even watched the video. I assumed it was just a bit of touching and feeling of my prized crown jewels. I wasn't prepared for what I saw next.

I watched the video cringing, feeling the pain of the man in the video even though he didn't seem to be in agony. Let's call this man Henry. It sounds like the name of the white man in the video.


We were now at the climax of the experience. This was more than some casual fondling. I was mortified. My butt cheeks started to clench involuntarily.

That said, I lost the argument to Rosie. As it turns out, having someone examine your prostate is not as bad as the tribulations women see in the gynaecologist’s room.

As a punishment for my loss, she dared me to go for a prostate exam. I took on the challenge head-on.

The next day found me at a clinic. I had to do it quickly because if I had given it more thought, I would have changed my mind.

I ironed and wore my lucky boxers. I waited at the reception for a while as I chatted up the receptionist, who I may or may not have left with her number - but that's beside the point.

My name was finally called. I was as excited as a pupil going home with a bag full of homework.


Once inside, I chatted with the doctor and he instantly knew why I was there. He asked me if I wanted to begin the exam and I asked him if there was a female doctor.

I knew the test would be the same but I really couldn't imagine it happening with a man. He hadn't even bought me dinner before asking me to take my pants off. I kid.

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